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​​It contains the detailed benchmarking and individual app results that underpin the user-testing undertaken in the main report. It provides a detailed summary of our findings by individual current account apps across both operating systems and offers useful benchmarking insight for the UK market. Following each analysis page, we have included the current landing pages for both the Android and iOS variant of the app.

Each of the 19 bank providers have been scored and assessed and the detailed results are presented as in the example on the right >>>

Mobile Banking App Review 2018: A comprehensive benchmark study of UK mobile banking apps

In partnership with Visa

In an exclusive preview, Optima launched the highlights of it's findings to the Money20/20 audience in Amsterdam June 5 2018.

​​​The study includes;

  • Data from 100 UK mobile banking and payments apps from 52 different providers.
  • Apps published on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • A host of primary research findings, obtained through extensive user testing to uncover the feature sets and usability of the most popular apps.
  • Extensive reporting and tracking of trends, rankings, ratings and features.
  • Focus on key features pertinent to the regulatory and technological change.

A full set of the benchmarking analysis and individual app results will be available to purchase and download for just £395 + VAT.​​


This study’s underlying motivation is to track and measure digital transformation in UK banking and understand how innovations in technology are being utilised by providers to present a more exciting and seamless banking experience for customers, as well as acting as a barometer for market success.  It provides a realistic assessment of the UK mobile banking app landscape by scoring and ranking apps based on quantitative data, user testing and overall evaluation of mobile apps.  This includes an assessment of the customers’ ability to open an account, manage their account, make payments, interact with their bank and manage their day-to-day spending.

The findings highlight the widening gap between incumbent providers and new challengers, laying out best practice and delivering lessons learned along the way.  We welcome your feedback and hope you take some insight from our findings.  Enjoy!

Mobile Banking App Review 2018

Example of supplementary report: