Case study 1:  Scheme fee comparison study

Case study 2:  Interchange fee regulation workshop

Case study 3:  Credit card financial modelling

Case Study 4:  Co-brand cards management pack

Case study 5:  Benchmarking analysis

Case study 6:  Line of credit (LOC) strategy support

Case study 7:  Control cell campaign analysis

Case study 8:  Credit card system T&Cs and billing audit

Case study 9:  Response to Visa debit interchange cap removal

Case study 10:  Payments processing review

Case study 11:  SIM based mobile NFC deployment

Sample training courses

Credentials and case studies

Our extensive experience and understanding in the area of payments has enabled us to deliver a diverse range of projects to a multitude of payments players.

To provide you with an idea of the types of services we offer, there are some examples of past projects in the case study set below (click the links to download):

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Optima Consultancy has grown as a specialist payments consultancy practice, based in Manchester, UK but working across the globe...