Payments reporting

"Payments Reporting" was created to address the regulation 2015/751 on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions.

The cards and payments industry has historically been subject to heavy legislation and regulation. The level of regulation has steadily been increasing, and will continue to do so with the digitisation of commerce and the convergence of identity and payments.

Optima remains close to regulatory change in order to best advise clients’ interests.

Find out more about our Payments Reporting service for regulatory compliance by visiting our dedicated website www.PaymentsReporting.EU

Regulatory compliance support

Optima have developed extensive expertise in the entire payments ecosystem. A large part of this is the increasing regulatory landscape which results in opportunities as well as challenges for market players. We provide consultancy support to industry stakeholders, often in the form of bespoke workshops, that aim to instil knowledge and an increased understanding of key regulations and the impact that each will have on your business. This aids strategic positioning and helps provide a competitive advantage in improving customer experience and product development.

Key topics areas include:

  • Payment Services Directive II
    • Third party providers & access to accounts
    • Strong customer authentication
    • Account information services
    • Payment initiation services

  • Interchange calculations and Interchange Fee Regulation
    • Surcharging
    • Honour all cards rules
    • Transaction reporting
    • Unblending


Optima assist clients with complying and preparing for new regulatory changes with analytics and training solutions

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