Expanding knowledge in payments and payments regulation

Business simulations: Simulations act as a great engagement tool (especially when an element of competition is involved!) and can be delivered in a range of formats and timescales. Optima are able to develop business acumen through dynamic and realistic scenarios which are proven to help improve strategic decision making abilities.

Training courses: 

  • Payments 101:  providing an introduction to the payments market across all payment types from evolution, landscape and trends to transaction flows, payment processing and future technologies.
  • Online and business school simulations: we have delivered simulations in issuing & acquiring, current accounts and lending, as well as best practice workshops (for example in credit & debit profitability, contactless & mobile and credit risk).
  • Regulatory workshops: keep abreast of the latest developments in European regulation (such as PSD2 and GDPR)  whilst understanding the business impacts and developing strategic direction.

Coaching and support: With hands-on experience Optima take a practical approach, encouraging interaction, debate and teamwork. We enable participants to put the knowledge gained from the sessions to practical use and aim to develop new ways of thinking by taking participants out of their everyday roles.

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Training and business simulations

Optima have packaged its experience in the payments market into a series of structured training sessions delivered  numerous workshops and courses including the development of tool kits and simulations to help our clients get ahead. Our expertise and experience designing, developing and delivery training and simulations allows us to offer training solutions and simulations designed bespoke to meet your individual training needs, ensuring you benefit from our industry expertise. It can be difficult to keep abreast of new regulation and we can help you assess the implications this has on future business performance and sustainability and develop a strategy.

Whilst our courses are built bespoke, offerings include: