Mobile Banking App Review 2019

A comprehensive benchmark study of UK mobile banking apps, free to download now (2020 edition now available)

The study includes;

  • Data from over 100 UK mobile banking and payments apps from more than 52 different providers.
  • Apps published on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • A host of primary research findings, obtained through extensive user testing to uncover the feature sets and usability of the most popular apps.
  • Extensive reporting and tracking of trends, rankings, ratings and features.
  • Focus on key features pertinent to the regulatory and technological change.

Banking App Review Jun '20

Purchase the 2020 full analysis of over 40 apps for just £649+VAT below:

The enhanced report contains an extensive assessment of over 40 apps representing most of the UK current account market and AISPs including established players, challenger banks and fintechs.

For each app provider, you receive:

  • The individual app analysis containing a comprehensive breakdown of app features across both iOS and Android operating systems
  • App ranking over time with score broken down by feature category
  • Gap analysis of missing features against the market
  • How well supported a feature is across the market
  • Log in compared to the market average
  • Year on year app store rating comparison
  • How the age of the app has changed over time
  • Number of account integrations (AISP)
  • A collection of screenshots for each app showing the app home screen across devices and presentation of third party accounts

We also offer bespoke reporting, insight and analysis tailored to your business and related mobile apps. This will help you to understand how your app is performing against others in the market including specified competitor sets.

The data and insight received will equip you with the knowledge of where your app has gaps to establish and prioritise functionality for development, as well as to understand best practice in mobile banking.

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